Bongo Films | About Bongo - a Sacramento Video Production & Post Production company.
Bongo is a creative services studio that provides concept, design, video production, post production, motion graphics, editorial, audio post, and sound design for brand, agency and government storytelling needs.
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Bongo is a creative services studio that provides concept, design, video

production, post production, motion graphics, editorial, audio post, and sound

design for brand, agency and government storytelling needs.


Bold narratives are the cornerstone to action. They give the viewer pride in coming alongside a grand idea, a moment of emotion, a statement that empowers. We love to assist in these type of campaigns that promote action. Bongo provides direction for the creative needs of many. We are storytelling wranglers, puzzle makers and designers of brand stories. Bongo is a  Sacramento Video Production Company, Creative Services partner.

Creative Services / Concept0%
Live Action Video Production0%
Design for Motion / Post Production0%
Audio Post / ISDN0%



Bongo has been shooting for the last 14 yrs. Our narrative approach to commercials, longform documentaries, corporate storytelling or social awareness projects has been our life blood for the last 2 decades. As we gather the key crew members we are taking into account the strategic needs of the brand in regard to look, design, feel & target reach. Our large selection of DP Cinematographers, Lighting Directors, Art Direction and added Directors are famous for the long reach we have into the film community of Northern or Southern California or US in general.



The Bongo model always incorporates research toward the Brand attributes, design and goals. We are very interested in what motivates the end user, customer or outreach.



The Bongo model from inception has always been a collaborative model through which creative services collaborate under a single roof to ensure that all aspects of the creative output would merge its ideas into a single unified thought. The need for the next generation’s model has emerged. To combat the budgetary restraints that agencies and brand are under, the workflow must become a lean machine. Concept and Idea creation with the client is the most important component to be relevant to a brand’s needs.



Bongo provides specialized Live Event Production for large presentation that need an exclusively designed approach. Along with the design we offer crews for event filming along with backdrop presentations.


Our model from the start has been to be original thinkers, idea makers & collaborators with our client. We pride ourselves in all departments from start to finish to think innovatively.


Let us walk you through the process step by step. We would love to formulate a plan that works as a model for your brands story.

  • Working Remotely For You

  • Films/Creative Services

  • Editorial

  • Audio Post

  • Animation/Motion


Our editorial team is a mercurial mix of A-List freelancers from SF, LA and NY combined with staff editors. We bring in the editor that fits the objectives of the job rather than having a “Bongo Brand” style forced on the client. Our editors have worked on the largest campaigns in the world to mid level projects, corporate videos, documentaries and of course a gazillion spots. As in all of our departments we implore our clients to include our editors in the planning process before the shoot to get their take on any shoot needs for editorial or VFX needs. Our editors are the team leaders in helping coordinate creatively with the Agencies Creatives to deliver, inspire and always re-Think the obvious.



Our Sound Design team is comprised of music engineering professionals. This has always been a Bongo prerequisite for audio editors. By virtue of working with “multiple tracks of music,” an audio editor is able to cull the many tracks of SFX, Sound Design, Dialog and Music Edits in the same way to come together with a mix that is virtually music to your ears.



Our ISDN capabilities are famous. We can hook you and a voice talent (or two or 3) from different locations or studios. We can even connect you via a phone patch to listen into the session remotely. We can access thousands upon thousands of VO talent options: Everyday people, Narrators, Character, Ethnic, European (authentic from the UK or elsewhere) Urban, etc. We can connect your budget to the best talent possible either Union or non-Union. In addition, Bongo has ISDN ADR capabilities, which locks two studios together with picture, with an actor at Bongo recording new lines that replaces the dialog in the picture and a director in Hollywood watching the picture and listening to the dialog being recorded in real time. Bongo’s ADR sessions have included the films Smoking Aces and Ballad of Jack and Rose starring Daniel Day Lewis (Jenna Malone), the network television shows Shooter, Leverage, Boston’s Finest, and Happy Endings, and commercials for Nike, General Mills, California Tourism, Kaiser, and NPR.



Our Animation / Motion Graphics/Design artists are comprised of individuals who offer not only solutions, but new ways of approaching a brand campaign. The team is motivated to partner with the client from the pre-visualization realm through to finish. By taking part in the early planning process, we can offer solutions that will streamline and be cost efficient to the whole campaign. We offer the full spectrum of motion design including, Animation, 3D, HD Finish and much more.



Music is our lifeblood and where we got our start. We have composers versed in Alternative forms of all music along with orchestral film chops, straight ahead jazz and world music that encompasses all forms. Our composers stretch across the US and beyond. Our artists bring experience as Major recording artists, producers and studio musicians that have amassed multiple platinum recordings to major film experience as composers of records for the world’s largest film projects.



We also have an extensive Music Licensing Group that has hundreds of composers throughout the US, Europe & South America to offer up a wide range of opportunities and choices for any campaign no matter the budget. We have licensed for Virgin, Disney, Hollywod Pictures, NFL, California Tourism, California Speedway, Sutter Health to name a few.