This Documentary film is about California’s most venerable institution, CalPERS. This financial organization has been studied over and over as the most respected, sound and honored economic organization in the USA. This documentary focuses on the historical aspects of how this retirement system got to this innovative place in history.

BONGO FILMS and BONGO POST was selected to pull together all of the key filming and post production aspects of this film. We were brought on as the creative team to concept alongside the CalPERS staff with writing and pre-production components.

Film Production, Edit, Music, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, Mix
Bongo Post, Editorial, Design, Motion Design, Composite, Online, Original Music, Sound Design
Esther Marcroft: Director / Creative Director
Mark Hill: Director of Photography
Chris Stone: Editorial
Debbie McMahon: Sr Film Producer / Post Producer
Landy Hardy: HD Camera
Lexie Findarle: Production Assistant, Intern