2018 Bongo…. 15:17 to Paris, NPR, Corona, Raley’s …..
Bongo is a creative services studio that provides concept, design, video production, post production, motion graphics, editorial, audio post, recording studio and sound design for brand, agency and government storytelling needs.
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2018 Bongo…. 15:17 to Paris, NPR, Corona, Raley’s …..

2018 Bongo…. 15:17 to Paris, NPR, Corona, Raley’s …..

 15:17 to Paris came to Bongo to provide Narration / ADR for the Clint Eastwood Directed Malpaso Production.


Corona Community brand advertising….that’s all we can say 🙂


Bongo has provided Sound Design, Music Editing and Mix


One Community Health came to Bongo to concept/script, shoot and edit a campaign to introduce the new healthcare brand.

Bongo recorded for Samsung Galaxy S9 Campaign, another hush hush…



Bongo was fortunate to partnering with many different industries, brands and entertainment….