Animal Planet
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Animal Planet

Animal Planet uses Voice Talent local to the Sacramento area for some of it’s shows, including Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet. Bongo acts as the studio for recording on a few sessions to get some episodes ready for broadcast. Having a local go-to studio for high quality, industry-standard ISDN and ADR is convenient for our clients in the central and mid-west, as well as up and down California and the Pacific Northwest. Uniquely equipped among Sacramento studios, Bongo offers a full range of professional recording capabilities that many are pleasantly surprised to find located in Sacramento.

For more information about the show visit Animal Planet here.

In the show, the veterinarian, dedicated to making sure every Alaskan creature gets the medical attention it needs, flys between remote villages to care for cats, chinchillas, bald eagles, beavers, dog iguanas and everything in between.