Bayer Biologicals & Crop Science
Bongo is a creative services studio that provides concept, design, video production, post production, motion graphics, editorial, audio post, recording studio and sound design for brand, agency and government storytelling needs.
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Bayer Biologicals & Crop Science

Concept. Script. 3D Design. Video Production. Post.
Yes it’s been a pretty busy year in 2016 leading to 2017 for Bongo Films & Bongo Post. We’ve partnered with so many great clients & worthy projects. To begin the year we launched a worldwide production for BAYER Crop Sciences. We delivered a comprehensive detailed communication of what Crop Sciences are, their place within the farming environments and how they develop the products using green technologies. By virtue of using many sustainable resources and mother nature as its provider of direction they are then in line with the communities they serve. While being a leader in Sacramento Video Production & Post Production Bayer trusted Bongo in providing a full stream of creative services. We combined with Concept, Script, Video Production, Direction, Art Direction & Post Production. The Post included editorial, 3D Design, 3D Animation, motion graphics, audio post, sound design and ISDN Recording.