Do you know who Siri is? We do.
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Do you know who Siri is? We do.

We got an email from Siri today. Really, she’s a friend of Bongo. A voice that will go down in history, immortalized forever. The one who helps us with all the bizarre and inappropriate questions we can muster, the one who finds the closest restaurant with live music, and the one who schedules our daily lives.

Susan Bennett didn’t know she was going to have such a big job in life, even when she was recording the lines in 2005 for what would one day become the Ultimate Assistant, she says she did not know where these would end up.

She’s a Voice Actor Bongo has used many times in the past and one who we reconnected with recently after hearing her interview with Jian Ghomeshi on NPR talk show Q. She admits to not using Siri for a long time because it was, “Just too creepy.” It is her voice, but it’s also been morphed by layers of carefully constructed Sound Design, something Bob at Bongo creates on a daily basis.

We wish Susan Bennett all the love and luck in the world as she continues what has already been a larger-than-life career. We’re all pleased to know, we’ve got more of a friend in Siri than we realized.

The REAL Siri tweets @SiriouslySusan.