Visit California | Icons of California
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Visit California | Icons of California


Fact: over 80% of tourism in California comes from Californians! Why? It’s the most complete travel nation in the World. Period. With an Ocean, Deserts, Redwoods, Skiing, Wine Country, Cities, Lakes, Fishing, Film, Music and much more it’s rare to find such a complete travel destination.

Visit California, California’s Tourism agency came to Bongo to have us film the Icons of California. Location Scouting along with strategic planning for the high seasons was a challenge due to our very wet and rainy spring. On some days we thought we were headed to the Mountains but then turned around to go to Salinas or whatever area would work.

Bongo coordinated all aspects of this project from assembling the crew to arranging for travel, accommodations, permits, passes, hot air balloons, jet skis, and access to prime and hard to secure locations to gather these breathtaking shots. Fun times, look for more.